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Welcome to your community for the new genre of psychedelic house music.

Make your psychedelic house music.

Explore into the music in this social network.


To use the website for one year, a payment of $100 will have to be made to the account details give below.

Bank name: Bank of Baroda

Bank account name: THIRDEYE

Bank account number: 89630200000524

Bank I.F.S.C code: BARB0VJMUSU


The website is subject to changes.

The website can be upgraded anytime.

Pornography, marketing content or profanity is not allowed and requested to be deleted.


Please send an email with the name in the transaction and the name of the profile in the website to

jk liked 3 months ago

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#deepakgupta #chairman #enterpreneur
#deepakgupta #chairman #enterpreneur